Connectives Writing

It was a cold afternoon I was just, about to go downstairs since, It was breakfast time. It was cold and windy outside as, the snow flakes swayed to the ground swiftly and steadily. Mother was making delectable pancakes ” Hot from the pan, come and get it! ” I rushed down to get to eat them hot.  After I at breakfast I ran into my room to get my coat and hat at once, I opened the door and ran outside to see the snow I played in it and made snow angles and snow men. It was getting cold and windy so i went to the door and I tried to pull the door open though, it wouldn’t budge. It was probably because of the snow I banged on the door, but It wouldn’t open at all….

Country of Focus China


1. This is the Chinese flag it has a red in Chinese red means a good or lucky colour, and it sends good spirits and chases bad things away and their lucky animal is a dragon to also chase bad things away.

2. China is is in Asia and it is big with other countries surrounding it and they share their borders.

3. The Capital city of china is Beijing it is the largest city in China and will have the most population.

4. China is in both Northern hemisphere and the Eastern hemisphere so you can visit both at one which is interesting and amazing.

5. In 2021 the population of China grew and reaches to 1,444,216,107 which is a lot of people living in China.

6. The most Popular and most used language in china is Mandarin, since it originated in China and Chinese, they can also speak english if they wish.

7. Renminbi is the Chinese currency meaning “the people’s currency” in Chinese.

8. A lot of products in Australia is made in China and they trade in making products, most clothing and other products are made in China and put in a plane and fly all the way here.

9. China has the largest population in the world and many people live there since they have high quality products and a lot of tourists visit China to see its beauty

10.  The countries that share borders with China are Nepal, Pakistan and Russia they are very close to chine and share borders.

About me.

My name is Amna and I am in year six.

I love to study about astronomy and reading.

My favourite food is ice cream and frozen grape drink

My favourite colour is Dark purple and Black (Even if its a shade I like it). I am looking forward of being the semester one Year level rep!